Our Team


Kris Matzick

Founding Director & Public Officer, Business Administrator,

Child Sponsorship Manager


Sue Winkler

Founding Director,  Social Media Manager,

Project Research Officer


Geoffrey Adam

Founding Director, BBFF Advisor


Glen Winkler

Founding Director, BBFF Advisor


Cassie Winkler

Honorary Junior Director, 

Youth Advisor & Consultant


Josh Winkler

Honorary Junior Director,  

Youth Advisor & Consultant


Phirom Som, BBFF Cambodia

Phirom was born and grew up in Siem Reap Province.  He was given the opportunity to attend school and complete his high school education due to the support of an overseas sponsor. 


On finishing school, he began working as a driver/guide for tourists, learning English from his customers along the way.  He went on to complete his qualification as a Tour Guide in 2003 and has been guiding  for travel companies, volunteer groups and privately since then.  


Phirom is passionate about his country and his people.  He is thankful for the opportunity that he was given, and has a strong desire to pay it forward to children who otherwise would have little chance to rise from their impoverished circumstances.