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Each year, the BBFF team works with the school to identify and undertake projects that improve facilities and resources at the school or in the community for the benefit of the children and their families.  

 Make a donation to our projects and help us create a safer, stronger, more sustainable environment for the children to learn and live in! 

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Projects Your Donation Will Help

Annual School Photo Program


Most families in the community do not have cameras or camera phones to take photos of their children growing up.  Through our School Photo program, we photograph students each year, print and frame the photos, and then give the photos to the children's families to keep as a memento and record of their child's life.  

The families are always so delighted to receive these photographic keepsakes.  This is a lovely program to support and one that brings joy to families in an often joyless life.  

We would like to acknowledge the assistance of two wonderful sponsors who have been involved in this program from the start, Atkins Photo Lab and Image Display Creations.

Good Hygiene for Good Health


We all know that good hygiene is very important to maintaining good health.  Our good hygiene program supports the school's newly-developed hygiene awareness education by providing toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap and other hygiene products for the children in the school.   

The program aims to teach the children about the importance of cleanliness and good dental hygiene in staying healthy.  It's an important program to support.

Since the commencement of this program, we have received wonderful support from people from around the world including visiting tour groups and financial donors.

School Improvement Initiative


Working closely with the school, we identify projects to improve the school's educational resources and facilities and make it a happier, healthier, more nurturing and more effective educational environment for the children.  A child's education will naturally improve as educational standards rise, leading to better opportunities in the future.  

In supporting resource and facilities projects, you are supporting an integral part of our work to reduce poverty.

In the past, our generous donors have funded many worthwhile projects, such as the installation of electricity, fans & lights to classrooms, the tiling of classroom floors, the supply of educational text books and the purchase of solar globes for families.