Gift a Middle School Scholarship

Help a child in need achieve a middle school education.

$1,500 AUD per Middle School Scholarship


  • A scholarship supports 3 years of education, from Grades 7-9
  • One scholarship per child
  • Option to pay upfront or by 3 annual instalments
  • Sponsors can name the scholarship they fund
  • Multiple scholarships can be funded by one sponsor
  • Donations are tax deductible in Australia

This program is perfect for Corporate Sponsors who wish to make a difference.  More information below.

About Our Middle School Scholarship Program

The Cambodian education system consists of three schooling levels - primary, middle and secondary. 

Our Middle School Scholarship Program focuses on supporting a child’s access to a middle school education (Grades 7-9).  It is the next level from our child sponsorship program, which supports a child through primary school.  

Covering a 3-year period, the middle school scholarship subsidises the child's costs to complete their middle school education.  Grade 6 children from our sponsorship program are eligible to apply.  They must show dedication to their studies during Grade 6 and demonstrate a commitment to continuing their education, which must also be supported by their families.

Scholarships can be donated by corporate or private sponsors and the number of scholarships will vary accordingly, from year to year.  Participating sponsors are asked to name the scholarship(s) they fund (eg: The ‘John Smith’ Middle School Scholarship) and receive a certificate of recognition, once the scholarship has been awarded.  Recognition is included on our Sponsors & Donors webpage and posted on our FB page, when awarded. 

Education is fundamental in reducing poverty for children and families around the World.  A middle school scholarship will give a child from Prey Thom Communty, Cambodia, the ability to continue their education and ensure they have a better chance of building a brighter future. 

More information can be found in our Scholarship Program brochure, download link below.

A middle school scholarship subsidises a child's education costs as follows:

English tuition: $130 USD per year

Maths and Science tuition: $120 USD per year

Uniform provision: $25 USD per year

Bicycle provision: $50 USD, first year only

Other items*: $100 USD, spread over 3 years

(*Other items may include stationary supplies, additional uniforms, purchase of books etc).

Note:  Amounts are estimated and subject to currency exchange rates available at the time of transfer of funds to Cambodia.

Download our Scholarship Program Brochure here:

BBFF Scholarship Program (pdf)